Monthly Archives: October 2017

Episode 13 – SCP Foundation

Happy Halloween! This episode focuses on the very weird SCP Foundation, also known as “Secure, Contain, Protect Foundation”. Imagine an area 51 for everything supernatural and demonic. This is our special Halloween edition so strap in for the scary!

Warning: Adult Language

Outro Music by: Marc M. (

Episode 12 – Normal Porn For Normal People

Brian and Derek discover a very cryptic, disturbing website that asks more questions than it answers. Is it just fan lore or is there a real dark secret lurking? This is by far the most effed up episode yet!

Warning: Adult Language

Episode 11 – Missing YouTubers

In this spooky episode of Life Bytes, Derek and Brian discuss the last uploaded YouTube videos of people who are currently missing. Did these people want to disappear on purpose to start new lives? Or has something terrible happened to these individuals? Come explore with us!

Warning: Adult Language

Episode 10 – Lost Media Archive


Ever wonder where the most bizarre, disturbing, and downright unusual show episodes, song tracks, and live broadcasts end up? We don’t know either, but the Lost Media Archive is a great website to discover what has actually been made even though nobody can find these holy grails of files. Derek and Brian go searching for the weirdness!

Warning: Adult Language