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Episode 18 – David Bond (part 1)


David Bond, a controversial YouTuber who has been the subject of media attention in over 10 countries (and on VICE) for his videos on picking up girls all over the world (while wearing a GoPro on his damn head). Some think he’s a total douchebag asshole, some think he’s a philosophical marketing genius.

Luckily for you, we interview him on this episode of Life Bytes, so you decide!

Warning: Adult Language

Episode 17 – Derek and Brian do Mexico

In this unconventional episode of Life Bytes, Derek and Brian go to Mexico! Listen in as the duo talk about their separate experiences while in a foreign land. You won’t want to miss Brian’s terrifying story of getting lost in Tijuana.

Warning: Adult Language

Episode 16 – Strong Kids Safe Kids

On this episode of Life Bytes, we showcase the world’s most disturbingly hilarious children’s PSA ever made. A star-studded cast of 80’s pop icons get together to teach your kids how to deal with pedophiles in, “Strong Kids, Safe Kids.”

Warning: Adult Language

Brian’s take on the video:

Episode 15 – More Unethical Life Hacks

Continuing our research on poor life choices that benefit you, Derek and Brian release the “Unethical Life Hacks” that didn’t make it to the first episode. Strap in for another round of debauchery! We hold no responsibility for your actions after learning these deplorable methods.

Warning: Adult Language

Episode 14 – NSFW History

Brian and Derek take a long, perverted journey back into history to uncover some of the hilariously “not safe for work” historical facts. If you’re a fan of contagious laughter don’t miss this episode!

Warning: Adult Language