Monthly Archives: December 2017

Episode 22 – Junji Ito

Back to the weird and scary internet! In this episode of Life Bytes, Derek and Brian explore the disturbing, engrossing world of Junji Ito, the famous Japanese graphic artist whose work has been described as “the most disturbing and hauntingly vivid horror ever conceived”. Come explore the gore with us!

Warning: Adult Language

Episode 21 – Hobo Beer Review

Our friend “Grave-digger” Adam joins us to review some of the most god-awful beers you can buy for under 2 bucks. Adam is a certified, competitive homebrew beer reviewer with years of experience, and Brian is an alcoholic on a budget. With their forces combined we give you: “Hobo Beer Review”!

Warning: Adult Language

Episode 20 – The Miracle Berry Experiment


The M Berry (short for “miracle berry”) is a type of berry that when the flesh is eaten alters your taste buds, swapping sour for sweet and making anything acidic very, very sugary. Brian and Derek are skeptical, so we bought a pack of “m berry tablets” online, grabbed a buffet of interesting foods and fruits, and dove in. Listen to the results!

Warning: Adult Language

Episode 19 – David Bond (part 2)

This is part 2 of the two-part David Bond interview

David Bond, a controversial YouTuber who has been the subject of media attention in over 10 countries (and on VICE) for his videos on picking up girls all over the world (while wearing a GoPro on his damn head). Some think he’s a total douchebag asshole, some think he’s a philosophical marketing genius.

Luckily for you, we interview him on this episode of Life Bytes, so you decide!

Warning: Adult Language