Monthly Archives: February 2018

Episode 30 – Local 58

Brian introduces Derek to one of his favorite YouTube horror series, “Local 58”. In very digestible clips, Local 58 is a small collection of scary short videos, portrayed from the perspective of a local news channel. Produced and created by the same mind behind the “candle cove” creepypasta, these videos are very unique is their ability to entice uncomfortableness with very little resources. No actors, no large production budgets, just simplistic and sometimes terrifying content. Enjoy!

Warning: Adult Language

local 58

Episode 29 – ElsaGate

#ElsaGate refers to a wave of YouTube videos being produced by different channels, containing children’s pop culture characters (typically Western) that are shown doing bizarre and usually violent/sexual acts. The reasoning for the existence of these varies, but some believe it holds secret deep webs links to incredibly vile videos. These videos that are available currently to view on YouTube almost all contain common themes of injections, sex, eating feces, watersports and pregnancy. Strap in, this one has one hell of a twist.

Warning: Adult Language

Episode 28 – Cop Rock

Cheesy 80’s cop drama mixed with a “grease” style musical production and the end result is pure hilariousness. Come ride with Brian and Derek as they have the time of their lives with this one.

Warning: Adult Language

Episode 27 – Sentimental Corp.

Possibly the weirdest webpage we’ve discovered thus far, “Sentimental Corp” is an “interesting” site that seems to contain much odd video content, disturbing music, some bat-sh*t crazy writings- all having themes of government conspiracy, MK Ultra brainwashing, Illuminati, occult concepts, and at the same time can serve as a “severe mental illness simulator”. This one is weird, folks.

Warning: Adult Language