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Episode 41 – TIFU (part 1)


“Today I Fucked Up” is a community on Reddit where the users share their personal stories of a time they totally fucked a situation up by either being a moron or just bad luck. It’s pure comedy gold, so we decided to choose our favorites and share them with you filthy animals. Oh, and we have a third host now, welcome Eric Emerson!

Warning: Adult Content

Episode 40 – Beedle Bodkins (part 2)


After a public message was sent to us from the main weirdo himself (Beedle Bodkins), Brian decided he has some things to say. Strap in, it’s a classic Brian and Derek episode!

Instagram account → beedle_bodkins (no longer active/broken link)

Update! New Instagram account → the_beedle_bodkins_show (currently active)

Warning: Adult Content