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Episode 48 – “alantutorial”

Hey Tutorial Heads! Derek and Eric look into a YouTube channel that has more questions than answers. Alantutorial is filled with funny, odd and at times sad and scary moments. So please follow along (literally) through Alan’s perspective as he shows us some helpful tips for your everyday life.

Episode 47 – “Incels”

In this episode, Eric and Derek tackle the sad, lonely, and psychotic world of a group of “men” that would probably be a lot happier if they weren’t part of the self-hating subculture that they claim. Their sick, twisted view on the world and the people they hold responsible for their station in life is truly baffling. Join us as we take a deep dive into the topic of Incels. (involuntary celibates)

Episode 46 – “Brad’s Wife”

Ever wonder how ruthless the internet could be? Even in a positive way? Come, take a journey with Derek, Brian, and Eric as we explore the funniest example of the internet serving cold, hard justice.

End song: “A Protest song for Brad’s Wife” by Justin Skaggs

The Internet Historian

Warning: Adult Content

Bonus Episode – “Brian does acid” (Poor Life Choices)

We have a new spin-off mini podcast! These episodes are released for free on our Patreon page

“In this episode, we hear the hilarious story of Brian doing acid for the first time in Brooklyn.”
Listen to the (acid-fueled) “B Ross Booty Jamz” Spotify  playlist: 
Intro music “Oh My Darling” by Run the Jewels
Outro music “Desert Horse” by Melody’s Echo Chamber
Disclaimer: Adult language and subject matter.

Episode 45 – “Brandon Lawson’s last call”

Welcome back to Season 2 of Life Bytes! In this episode, Brian and Derek explore the haunting and unsolved case of Brandon Lawson, a Texas man who disappeared one evening after making a very concerning and confusing call to 9-1-1. We play the audio, we explore the theories, and we feel damn good to be back in your ears.

Warning: Adult Content

Brandon Lawson Subreddit

Brandon Lawson 9-1-1 Audio

Episode 44 – “Felon Tales” (Going Back In)

On this episode, we interview an ex-felon who spent most of his adult life behind bars and currently is in-route to return. We discuss the racial politics, the violence, and what everyday life is like in a hostile, maximum security penitentiary. If you ever wondered what it feels like to stab someone, then stay tuned!

Warning: Adult Content

Music: “Ho Ho Ho” by Gangster Bitches on Heroin

Episode 43 – “TIFU” (Part 2)

“Today I Fucked Up” is a community on Reddit where the users share their personal stories of a time they totally fucked a situation up by either being a moron or just bad luck. This time around, we share our personal TIFU stories and really air out all the stinky skeletons in our butthole cupboards. Enjoy part two of this epic and awful journey!

Warning: Adult Content

Episode 42 – “TIFU” (Part 1)

“Today I Fucked Up” is a community on Reddit where the users share their personal stories of a time they totally fucked a situation up by either being a moron or just bad luck. It’s pure comedy gold, so we decided to choose our favorites and share them with you filthy animals. Oh, and we have a third host now, welcome Eric Emerson!

Warning: Adult Content

Episode 41 – “beedle bodkins” (Part 2)

After a public message was sent to us from the main weirdo himself (Beedle Bodkins), Brian decided he has some things to say. Strap in, it’s a classic Brian and Derek episode!

Warning: Adult Content

Episode 40 – “beedle bodkins” (Part 1)

In the weird world of the internet, you discover something bizarre and sometimes it discovers you. beedle_bodkins found our show on Instagram, and we decided to check out their profile. Big, big mistake.

Warning: Adult Content