Episode 39 – “The Rise and Fall of Discount Boy”

Brian finally shares his embarrassing failed rap career with the world. In 2003, there were many underground battle rap forums hidden through-out the web that hosted communities, resources, and tournaments for all dorks wanting to be Eminem. This boasted a very interesting sub-culture not many people knew existed deep in the early days of the internet. Lots of music in this episode, enjoy!

Warning: Adult Content

Bonus Episode – “Crappy Taxidermy”

In this bonus episode of Life Bytes, Derek explores the beautifully amateur world of crappytaxidermy.com, a site dedicated to finding the absolute worst taxidermy in the world. Also, we have a contest listen for details!

Warning: Mature content

Episode 38 – “Salty Bet”

Saltybet is a website where you can use fake money to bet on the most ridiculous matchups in all pop-culture history. It’s pretty much digital cock-fighting on LSD. It’s extremely addictive, absolutely insane, and 100% free. Come get weird with us as we go all-in on Ronald McDonald beating up Mike Tyson in an igloo to Korean hip-hop. Yeah, it’s weird.

Warning: Adult language

Check out Salty Bet: http://www.saltybet.com

Episode 37 – “jasoninhell”

Brian and Derek are back! This week’s episode is about a heartbreaking story of a redditor who was looking for relationship advice and ended up having his life completely changed forever. Once in a while, the internet can be the one place to look for support, and find it. However, in this case, Reddit bit off more than it could chew…

Warning: Adult language


Episode 36 – “Louisville Free Face”

In this Derek Watson exclusive episode of Life Bytes, Derek dives deep into “Louisville Free Face”, a website devoted to a man who wants to share his obsession of giving women oral sex, for free! His website comes off as incredibly, unintentionally creepy and there are active debates if this is a joke or the real deal. An old time friend and fan of the show steps up co-host this week, check it out!

Warning: Adult language


Episode 35 – “Kerry Johnson”

Kerry Johnson is a disturbed person hiding behind the face of a happy individual… literally. Kerry Johnson is a YouTuber who has created a “movement” for wearing latex female body suits and portraying a character that “live” in a fantasy world. Not only are Kerry’s videos extremely unnerving, there is a very heavy sense of inspiration from people like Ed Gein. With Brian out for a few weeks, Derek flys solo for this episode of Life Bytes.

Episode 34 – “The Sofa King Podcast”

Derek and Brian are still a week out from fixing all the issues they experienced with the equipment being damaged from relocation, so instead of NOT releasing an episode this week, The Sofa King Podcast came to the rescue! This episode is from 2015, when Brian Ross was a guest. It’s about coffee, and I understand that sounds boring but I can assure you this episode is a riot, enjoy!

Special thanks to Brent Van Tassel, Brad Taylor, and Dave Moton for letting us re-broadcast this episode.

Check out new episodes every week of the Sofa King Podcast at: http://www.sofakingpodcast.com

This episode was sponsored by El Yucateco hot sauce and Brad’s big ol’ dick.

Warning: Adult Language

Episode 33 – “a very bad idea”

Since stupid ass Alaskan Airlines destroyed Brian’s podcast equipment during his relocation to Brooklyn, we have decided to release the February “Patreon only” episode of Life Bytes for this week. We’re not going to tell you what it’s about, just go ahead and listen 😉

Warning: Adult Language, Everything stated in this episode is for entertainment purposes and is purely fictional.  The actions in this episode do not reflect the personal views/lifestyle of Brian Ross, Derek Watson, or the sponsors of the show.

Episode 32 – “Sickanimation”

Sickanimation.com is the playground for the anarchic mind of Marc M. His web cartoons and music includes everything offensive under the sun: racism, sexism, homophobia, all combined with pop-culture references and current events. Here’s the thing though, it’s REALLY funny. Marc M. himself does not promote these negative social constructs yet, instead, he makes fun of the views and issues surrounding them in a very Andy Kaughman way. Is he cheap toilet humor or a genius? You decide.

Warning: Adult Language

Episode 31 – “Floridaman”

Have you ever read a news article that leads with something like “Florida man, high on meth, tries to rob liquor store with dead stingray”? In this episode of Life Bytes, Derek and Brian explore websites dedicated to the most absurd news ever reported which oddly enough almost entirely comes from Florida. We’ve chosen some of our favorites, come sit down and get your floridaman on.

Warning: Adult Language